Telecommunications Engineering & Design

Let us help you with all your Telecommunication needs. We have experienced telecommunciations experts that can engineer and design a new communications system or modify an existing telecomm system to suit your requirements. We can provide programming, testing, and implemenation services for nearly all telecomm systems, like SCADA Automation & Controls, PLCs, ICSs, etc. We can support the following Telecommunications Projects:

  • Telecomm Transport Systems:
    • Fiber Optics (Electronics, Connections & Cabling - OS1 bandwidth & higher)
    • Microwave & 900 Mhz Radio (all spectrums)
    • Power Line Carrier
    • IP/Ethernet Network Systems (WANs/LANs)
    • Coaxial Copper & Twisted Pair Circuits (DS3, DS1, DSN bandwidths, etc.)
  • SCADA Automation & Controls
  • Programmable Logic Controls & Industrial Control Systems
  • Cybersecurity Systems (critical asset and IP network security & protection)
    • Intrusion Prevention Systems & Intrusion Detection Systems (IPS/IDS)
    • Physical Security Protection
    • Data Access Management
    • Cyber Awareness Training
    • PEN (Pentetration) Testing