Engineering & Design

Design & Engineering

  • Substation Design - greenfield & brownfield modifications (voltages 4kV and above)
  • Physical Design - site plan/layout, general arrangement, grading, foundations, structures, equipment replacements, bus design, section & details, fencing, grounding, conduit & cable, bills of material, etc.
  • Protection & Controls (P&C) - single lines, schematics, mechanism details, logic diagrams, panel details, wiring, cable schedules, bills of material, etc.
  • Protective Relaying - schematics & wiring design, relay logic diagrams, protection settings and implementation.
  • System Studies & Arc Flash - performing grid analysis for planning, dependability, reliability, fault analysis, smart grid, distributed generation (DG), distributed energy resources (DER); including arc flash studies for safety barriers and proper PPE requirements.
  • Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) - SCADA design, equipment (RTU, I/O Module) selection, programming and implementation.
  • Telecommunications - transport design, programming and implementation of Fiber Optics, Microwave, Radio, Powerline Carrier, and Local Area Networks/Wide Area Networks (LANs/WANs).
  • Cyber & Physical Security - Cyber assessments, critical asset identification, cyber network design, intrusion prevention & detection systems (IPS/IDS), data access management, physical security protection, NERC CIP requirements, cyber awareness training, pen testing, etc.
  • DC Power Systems - DC battery studies, battery & charger sizing, DC supply selection, panel sizing, etc.
  • Electrical Facilities - Manufacturing, Industrial & Commercial facilities electric power supply, service drops, risers, transformers, switchgear, load centers, MCC's, conduit & cable schedules, specifications, construction support, etc.
  • Architectural & CAD Design/Drafting - Architectural Services & CAD designs (2D & 3D designs), blueprints, & drawing modifications for various software: AutoCAD, Revit, MicroStation, SolidWorks, PLS-CADD, Visio, etc.
Testing & Commissioning

Construction & Implementation

  • Pre-Construction Meetings - Support onsite meetings prior to construction start.
  • Design Package Review - Validating/Verification of all design drawings and specifications according to client specific standards.
  • Procurement Review - Validation of design accuracy for bills of material  required for the project according to specifications.
  • Field Engineering Support - Provide engineering support for specialized craft personnel including any design modifications required during construction.
  • Isolation & Restoration Work Plans - Creating isolation & restoration work plans for construction in order to isolate energized circuits for modifications & testing, and to restore de-energized circuits upon work completion.
  • Implementation & Testing Plans - Creating and supporting implementation and testing plans to perform end-to-end testing for satisfying client modification requirements prior to placing equipment in service.
  • As-builts - Modifications of design drawings to reflect the as constructed environment.


Power Delivery


Project Management

Project Management

Our experienced project managers can offer turnkey solutions throughout all phases of the project from project conception, planning, design, construction and implementation.  Let us be the engineering firm of choice (EOC) or allow us to handle the engineering-procurement-construction (EPC) for your next program project.

  • Project Initiation - Identifying the full project scope and qualified resources required to carry out specific tasks.  Assign special training requirements needed before project begins.
  • Project Planning - Creating the milestones and project budgets.  Develop the project team and allocate resources to the appropriate tasks.
  • Project Execution - Kick off the project with a project team meeting.  Discuss all the hard spots and validate all assumptions.  Track and monitor budgets, schedules, resources and critical paths.

Managing Projects to Completion

  • Project Closure - Ensure the project scope and criteria have been met.  Perform post-job project meeting to discuss lessons learned and project closure process.  Document all variances from original project scope. Perform all final documentation required for project closure.

Managing Projects to Completion


Transmission Line Design

Transmission Line Design

We can engineer and design your next transmission line project according to your specifications with sophisticated software such as PLC-CADD, PLS-POLE, SAG10, and others. We can model your pole and tower structures for adequate clearances, thermal, tension, sag, wind, and load requirements, etc.

We can also help you develop your new transmission line design standards. Let us help you with your next transmission line project.

Cybersecurity Protection

Cyber & Physical Security Protection

Cybersecurity protection continues to be a growing concern for both the government and private sectors, especially for all utilities in the power, telecommunications, oil, gas and water industries.

Let us help you prevent future cyber attacks and threats to your critical cyber assets (CCAs) and industrial control systems (ICSs). We can evaluate and assess your electronic security perimeter (ESP) and physical security perimeter (PSP) for proper threat deterrence, detection and mitigation. We can review and update your cybersecurity standards and procedures, NERC CIP compliance documents. Our extensive experience in cybersecurity protection can help you achieve cyber resiliency.

SMART Grid and Renewables

Let us help you with all your SMART Grid (SG) and Substation Automation (SA) needs whether it be implementing SG and SA for the first time or modifications to your existing  system. We can help you with the following:

Smart Grid and Renewables

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