Power Utilities (T&D)

3 Phase Associates can help Transmission & Distribution (T&D) customers with substation modifications of voltages ranging from 4kV and above.  We can procure all the heavy equipment required down to the nuts and bolts for each project.
Whether Transmission or Distribution, we can help with protection & controls, protective relaying, SCADA upgrades, Telecommunications, security, equipment replacements, SMART Grid, and much more...

Oil, Gas, Water & Waste

Although our specialty is supporting power utilities in the world of T&D services, we can provide switchgear & motor control center (MCC) upgrades with new & improved SCADA and automation controls for the oil, gas, & water/waste industries. Whether it be designing, installing and implementing a new industrial control system (ICS) for remote alarming, monitoring and controls, we are here to help. We can also provide an Arc-Flash Analysis with AR clothing calorie recommendations.

Manufacturing, Industrial & Commercial

We can provide services for power delivery systems, SCADA, PLC's and industrial control systems (ICSs) for large industrial, commercial, and manufacturing facilities.  Whether designing, installing and implementing power delivery service (transformers, load centers, MCC's, switchgear, communications, etc.) or a new control systems for remote alarming, monitoring and controls, we are here to help.

We perform electrical engineering services for all electric facility modifications for manufacturing, industrial, and commercial.

Let us implement your next project.