Power Engineering & Design

Power Substation Engineering & Design

We perform greenfield & brownfield modifications (voltages 4kV and above).

  • Physical Design - site plan/layout, general arrangement, grading, foundations, structures, equipment replacements, bus design, section & details, fencing, grounding, conduit & cable, bills of material, etc. See our physical and substation design post for more details on substation design.
  • Protection & Controls (P&C) - single lines, schematics, mechanism details, logic diagrams, panel details, wiring, cable schedules, bills of material, etc. We value protection and controls since it is essential in protecting expensive substation equipment. See our protection and controls post for more info.
  • Protective Relaying - schematics & wiring design, relay logic diagrams, protection settings and implementation.
  • System Studies & Arc Flash - performing grid analysis for planning, dependability, reliability, fault analysis, smart grid, distributed generation (DG), distributed energy resources (DER); including arc flash studies for safety barriers and proper PPE requirements.
  • Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) - SCADA design, equipment (RTU, I/O Module) selection, programming and implementation.
  • Telecommunications - transport design, programming and implementation of Fiber Optics, Microwave, Radio, Powerline Carrier, and Local Area Networks/Wide Area Networks (LANs/WANs).
  • Cyber & Physical Security - Cyber assessments, critical asset identification, cyber network design, intrusion prevention & detection systems (IPS/IDS), data access management, physical security protection, NERC CIP requirements, cyber awareness training, pen testing, etc.
  • DC Power Systems - DC battery studies, battery & charger sizing, DC supply selection, panel sizing, etc.

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