We can provide electrical engineering services for all facility electrical upgrades and improvements for power delivery modifications, arc-flash analysis, lighting design & analysis, electrical permit inspections, electrical sealed blueprints, SCADA automation, PLC controls and industrial control systems (ICSs). We perform electrical engineering and design services for all electrical facilities that include Utilities, Manufacturing, Processing Plants, Industrial, Commercial, Oil/Gas, and Waste/Water facilities for

their electric power supply, including supporting electrical building permit approvals and electrical inspections with professional engineering (PE) sealed blueprint drawings.

Whether involving transformers, switch gear, protective relays, main distribution panels, load centers, lighting, motor control centers (MCC's), SCADA automation, PLC's, telecommunications, 3D CAD modeling, or solar power and energy storage, we are here to help.


Deliverables may include:

  • Electrical Load Power Demand
  • Arc Flash Analysis (with Labels)
  • Electric Utility Interface Diagram(s)
  • Electric Single Lines / Riser Diagram(s)
  • Electric Power Plans & Lighting Diagram(s)
  • Electric Detail Sheet(s)
  • Electrical Equipment Schedule(s)
  • Lighting Schedule(s)
  • Grounding Plan(s)
  • Conduit & Cable Schedule(s)
  • Telecommunications Design
  • Vendor & Construction Specifications
  • and much more...